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Acomplia (rimonabant) is a powerful anti-obesity drug that demonstrated to reduce food cravings, as well as cravings for some other substances. It provides for stable weight loss in people diagnosed with obesity. The studies of this agent demonstrated that it was efficient in reducing the consumption of sugars and fats, which led to gradual weight loss. Although serious side effects are very rare, you need to know that they are theoretically possible. In case of having hiccups, restlessness, hallucinations, night sweats, emotional disorder, anger, sleepiness, or panic symptoms contact your health care provider and describe the symptoms you experienced in as much detail as possible. If you are not sure whether the symptoms have been caused by taking this medicine or something else consult your doctor anyway to rule out either of the causes. Acomplia is not for use by pregnant women or those that may get pregnant during the period of treatment. If you are planning to conceive a child or think that you might be pregnant when talking to your doctor about the treatment, do not start taking Acomplia as it can harm an unborn baby and pass into breast milk. Whether or not this drug is a suitable treatment for you should be decided by your health care provider, as there are a number of different factors that need to be taken into consideration, and many of them can be evaluated only after certain lab tests and professional examination. Make sure you show up for all your doctor's appointments to make sure you are benefitting from the treatment.

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